Eeyelog Introduces Professional High-end Body Camera X6B For Law Enforecement And Security Industry.

Eeyelog introduces professional high-end body camera X6B for law enforecement and security industry. It is packed full of useful features and great for personal uses like doormen, security guards, bailiffs, event security, personal evidence, family events, dog walking and many others.


  • Over full shift run time? no problem.

Replaceable battery solution

User could easily replace X6B rechargeable battery while in the field, which enables the camera to provide one more duration of shift. The package comes with an extra battery at the ready for unexpectedly long shifts, extra shifts or necessary overworks when there is requirement of body camera. It provides up to 20 hours battery life by using two replaceable batteries. 

  • Crystal clear 1512P and HEVC.

Ambarella H22 Embedded

X6B is an advanced high-end body camera that supports super extra HD recordings at the smooth framerate of 30fps. Optional H.265 coding fomrat is helpful to storage 45% more videos while keeping same video quality.  

  • Accurate location information

GPS coordinates recording

Built-in GPS module provides an accurate geolocation of videos taken, offering indisputable evidence of where and when the video was recorded. The GPS coordinates stamp onto the recorded videos.


  • Easily documentation

Rear 2.0 inch LCD display

Users could view footage files from its rear display and document on the go. The interface also delivers battery level, recording status or memory space information, making things easier on the users.


  • Shaky images on the video? no worry

EIS empowered

Built-in GYRO sensor is helpful to minimize blurring and compensate for device shake. This technique uses electronic processing to enhance image and provides a clear and stable evidence review process.


  • Recording at dark? No problem.

Built-in infrared lights and white light

In auto mode, the light sensor will turn the infrared lights on/off to enable/disable  night vision when the view in front becomes dark or light. Quick one button press to turn on/off in manual mode.


  • WiFi Access point mode

The device can act as a Wi-Fi access point connecting to cell phone/tablet to live view recordings and simple operation.